Utility Services is a service organization specializing in reliability requirements brought on by Congress' Energy Policy of 2005.  Reliability is a mainstay of the electric industry.  Many utilities over the last 40 years have maintained high standards and delivery of electricity to their customers.  However, due to incidents relating to the California and Northeastern U.S. blackouts earlier this decade, Congress mandated a new reliability regime.  As a part of this regime, utilities will be required to document and demonstrate reliable performance.  

Utility Services works with utilities to design and implement procedures for the new reliability requirements.  We can do the same for you!  Utility Services actively monitors the standards and discusses the impacts with their constituents.  We work with you to ensure timely and proactive response to the deadlines.  We have helped our constituents reduce the number of functional models that they have to be responsible for.

The new reliability requirements look monumental, but with a little common sense and proactive involvement, "You can rely on US" to get you through.



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